Facebook Ads Management

Make the most of your campaign with Facebook Ads management services

Knowing how to use Facebook advertising effectively can significantly increase the number of views, shares, page likes, and new customers. Changes in the Google algorithm have led many companies to reevaluate how they reach out to their target markets. Although organic search is still an effective way to reach customers, keeping a site at the top of search results for several keywords is more complicated than ever before. Fortunately, there are other ways to spend a limited marketing budget that don’t involve constantly tweaking the website to cater to search engines. By focusing on Facebook advertising, companies are able to reach out to their potential customers where they already spend a lot of their time. Developing and managing a Facebook ad campaign requires a certain type of skills.

By using Facebook Ads Management Services, a company can get the edge they need to get the attention of their prospects online. Having a Facebook page and posting regularly simply isn’t enough to attract new customers or relay information to current clients. In fact, the majority of Facebook posts are never even seen by the people they are created to target. Many business owners get frustrated by the lack of views on their posts and stop using the site. Knowing how to use Facebook advertising effectively can significantly increase the number of views, shares, page likes, and new customers. Unfortunately, the social media platform is constantly evolving and, unless a business owner has the time to dedicate to keeping up on all the changes, results can be discouraging. There are a number of ways a Facebook ad management company can help a struggling business make the most of social media.

Facebook Ads Consulting

The vast majority of companies that fail at social network marketing have one trait in common: they simply don’t understand how to make the most of a marketing campaign on social media. These companies know that this particular medium has great potential, but they don’t know how to tap into it. This is where Facebook advertising marketing management services can be of assistance. A great campaign starts with targeting the right people. Facebook offers a wealth of advertising options. There are so many, in fact, that choosing the right combination of demographics can be difficult. Working with a consultant who understands the best way to get results is the only way for a company to maximize their advertising budget. It’s just too easy to waste money on trial and error doing it alone. Facebook offers two ways to advertise, and choosing the right method can make a huge difference. Businesses have the option to buy an ad on the side bar of the page. These ads are visible while the user scrolls down their timeline. Companies bid on these ad placements so it can be more expensive to target certain demographics. The other type of ad shows up in the targeted customer’s timeline. These ads appear more personal and are very versatile. Businesses can link their ad to their Facebook page, a page on their website, or to a landing page. A consultant experienced in Facebook ad creation and management can help a company choose the right types of ads for their campaign and track them to ensure they meet the campaign goals.

Facebook Page Management

There’s a lot more to effective Facebook marketing than setting up an advertising campaign. People who click on the ad need to have a reason to follow the call to action. Whether the goal is to get them to like the page, download a free report or purchase a product, they must have a reason to go back to the page. This is where an experienced page manager can help. It’s important to monitor every Facebook campaign to ensure they are meeting their desired goals. If any of them is falling short, the page management team can make adjustments to get the necessary results. This might need to be done a few times before the ads are perfect. Each business has unique needs, and an effective page management provider will work closely with the marketing team to create a unique plan for Facebook marketing. Companies that that take advantage of facebook ads management services can produce results without spending any time monitoring the campaign activity.

Marketing on Facebook & Instagram

The best marketing campaigns use social media as one tool among several to reach targeted customers. A strategy that incorporates social media channels as well as a fully optimized website is more likely to get the intended results. Engagement is very important when it comes social media. When highly-targeted posts reach the right people, they comment on them and join in the conversation, share them with their own network, and like the company page. Since most potential customers, even the ones that like the company page, won’t see posts unless the business pays to boost them, paid advertising is essential for engagement. The website should clearly convey the goal of the marketing campaign and give the potential customer an easy way to answer the call to action. Using Facebook page management services is a cost-effective and time-saving way to reach customers through this very popular social media channel. Instead of wasting time and money on trial and error, companies simply need to hire a consultant for help with creating campaigns that will bring in new customers and increase customer engagement. By hiring an experienced provider, small and large businesses alike will be able to maximize their marketing budgets in ways they didn’t know were possible. With the right campaign, it won’t take long to produce results.

Facebook Advertising & Retargeting

Most social media for small business combines organic content with a careful advertising budget. Most online marketing departments pay a small daily fee for pay per click ads, and also boost specific posts from time to time. The truth is, however, that Facebook has made huge strides recently in the sophistication of its advertising platform, and small businesses now have tremendous opportunity to target their budget in powerful ways. These strides come in the form of two key changes to targeting and access to data, and they just might change the way social media advertising is conducted from here on out. 

1. Retargeting – The first big rollout is called Facebook Retargeting. Retargeted ads are ads that appear in the newsfeeds of those who have already completed a specific action on your website. For example, small businesses can now target an ad so that in only shows up in the newsfeed of those who have visited the business’s website. This is huge news, as it allows business’s to maintain a constant online presence with those who are already interested in them. Google has been doing this for a long time, and with great success, and Facebook is finally making up the lost ground. You currently have to set these ads up through a third party agency via FBX (Facebook Exchange) but that will likely change soon. The agencies AdRollPerfect Audience Retargeting, and Triggit, currently provide free trials. They will guide you through the process of placing a bit of code on your website that compiles everyone who visits it into a list. They will then help you create ads that will be shown exclusively to the facebook accounts associated with that list. 

2. Custom Audiences – Like Retargeting, Custom Audiences provide another way to market to a more precise list of facebook users. You don’t want to waste your advertising dollars on those for whom your product or service is irrelevant, and Custom Audiences allows you to really hone in on a list that YOU create. A custom audience is just that, a list of people that you want to advertise to. You can now create this list using data that is only indirectly related to Facebook (email address, phone number, etc), and then create ads that are shown EXCLUSIVELY to this list. Many small businesses are compiling email lists of leads, creating a custom audience with them, and advertising to them with content tailored to their location, product interest, or other demographic category. Custom Audiences can be compiled directly through Facebook, so no need to hire the aforementioned third parties. The world of social media advertising is changing rapidly as each platform aims to capture advertising dollars with highly targeted ads. Contact us to learn more about making your small business social media work for you.

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