Local Search

Location, location, location.
It’s not just about real estate anymore – it’s about the success of ANY local business.

A quarter of all Google searches today are specifically local, and that share is growing. Those who perform local searches consistently prove readiest of all to seek out products and services.

Even users who omit local terms, in fact, increasingly receive a number of local results. Google knows where its users are based, and delivers local maps and results even to those who enter such general terms as “personal injury attorney” or “dui law firm.”

For local businesses who depend on new business, these facts are especially significant. While some SMB's may be able to rely on word of mouth and repeat clients, most work hard at finding new ones. Because local searches are so common and fruitful, local search engine optimization for law firms can be one of the best ways of generating new business.

Proven Local SEO Tactics

Fortunately, there are many proven ways of boosting search results standings and online traffic for local businesses. While not all will be appropriate in every particular situation, some combination will inevitably deliver gratifying results.

Start Small With Keywords

Being competitive, many attorneys are inclined to insist that their SEO efforts aim as high as possible right out of the gate. In reality, most law firms do better by initially targeting very specific local keywords and then building on the results. Instead of trying to take over the rankings for “personal injury lawyer Boston,” for example, it will normally be more productive to aim first at becoming more prominent for a particular neighborhood. That helps to build momentum that can be leveraged later on.

One of the key early steps in any local SEO campaign for a law firm will be filling out as many online directory listings as possible. Google My Business listings are used extensively when delivering local results to users, so completing or claiming an entry there should be a high priority. Free legal directories can help, too, both by producing traffic and contributing to SEO efforts. Specialized services like are often worth working with, assuming that they rank in the results for a particular local market.

Where allowed by a state’s bar association, seeking positive reviews from clients can be helpful. Although Google does not weigh these heavily in its own calculations, Internet users tend to trust them. Figure out which review sites Google uses to deliver summaries in a particular market, and then either mention that satisfied clients could contribute one or leave hints to do so on a website or in an office. Even a few reviews a year can be enough.

Building a collection of quality links to a firm’s website is a cornerstone of SEO. For local search, even concrete mentions of a practice that do not include links help influence Google. Something as small-seeming as getting a practice’s phone number mentioned on a highly regarded website can pay dividends.

Links and citations are important, but Google insists that content is king. For the kind of local SEO that pays dividends for lawyers, that means publishing a steady stream of interesting, locally relevant posts that reflect an area of practice. Even alone, that can propel a given firm’s website to the top of the local rankings.

Don’t neglect the potential impact of traditional marketing efforts, either. A new legal scholarship or a charity drive that merits mention in a local paper can contribute greatly to local SEO efforts.

There is no point in driving visitors to a legal website that fails to provoke them into action. There are many ways of measuring how effective a site is at converting visitors into clients, and some of these will be part of any good local SEO strategy.


Common Local SEO Challenges

Of course, there can be some bumps in the road. All of these challenges can be met, though, and being aware of them beforehand helps to ensure victory.

Local markets are often some of the most competitive when it comes to SEO. For newcomers, obtaining the desired results can, therefore, seem like a difficult goal. In fact, though, there are many effective strategies and local seo services for law firms, and having grounded expectations can help ensure that they have a chance to work.

Given a realistic, strategic mindset, there are many effective ways of improving search engine placement for businesses with a local focus. The benefits of local search can be so great that they can transform even a relatively slow business into a market leader, given enough dedication. As local searches continue to make up an ever-greater portion of overall traffic, this kind of work will only become more rewarding.


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