Google Partner Agency

What Can a Google Certified Partner Agency do for Your Business?

Achieving Google Partner status means that Flagstone has demonstrated Adwords skill and expertise, met Adwords spend requirements, delivered agency and client revenue growth, and sustained and grown our client base.

As a Google Partner Agency, Flagstone empowers your search marketing strategies with not only up-to-the-minute expertise in Google tools including Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Adwords, YouTube, and more, but agency-partner exclusive access to the latest in specific Google data across all industries covered by Google search and digital advertising.

Expert analysis, and well informed insights in partnership with our dedicated Google Agency Partner resource team, give your Internet advertising and digital initiatives a powerful competitive advantage.

Why Should You Use a Google Partner Agency?

You’re not alone if you’ve ever debated the merits of search engine optimization over pay-per-click marketing. After all, why pay for something you could do for free with your WordPress website? Or, conversely, why wait six months to a year to reach the first SERP if you can get there today just by paying for it?

Here’s the thing:

SEO and PPC are two halves of one whole. No online marketing strategy would be complete or as effective without one or the other.

Many of our services revolve around SEO because we understand how important it is for law firms to play the long game in Google search. However, we have put a lot of work into becoming a certified Google Partner Agency in order to round out our clients’ search engine optimization efforts, too.

Why You Should Never Try to Manage Google AdWords on Your Own

As Google explains:

“The Google Partner badge shows that specific Partners have passed Google Ads product certification exams and are up to date with the latest product knowledge. In other words, they earned it.”

But that doesn’t totally explain what Flagstone Search Marketing can do for your business as a Google Partner Agency. Or why you would need our assistance as one.

Basically, it boils down to this:

PPC marketing is a complex matter.

Add to that the fact that Google is always changing the rules in its search algorithm as well as where and when it displays paid listings… it’s a lot to stay on top of.

Unfortunately, when many businesses try to manage their own AdWords campaigns, their ROI is incredibly low (if they make a profit at all). Even more disheartening, law firms find PPC results to be less than stellar when they entrust their AdWords accounts to Google.

You know you need to pay-to-play, but you shouldn’t have to pay to lose money. That’s why you need a Google Partner Agency like Flagstone Search Marketing to get you results.

Why Flagstone Should Be Your Google Partner Agency

First, we went through Google Ads training and passed the rigorous certification program. Then, we demonstrated our ability to create and maintain strong results for our clients in search. It’s this growth for ourselves as Google experts and growth for our clients’ PPC efforts that allows us to now serve law firms as a Google Partner Agency.

As you might imagine, there’s a whole host of benefits to using a trained and certified Google Ads expert to manage your AdWords campaigns:

  • Your ROI will be significantly higher than if you were to manage this on your own or to hand it over to Google.
  • We manage the entire lifecycle of your AdWords campaigns, from keyword strategy to optimization of your budget.
  • We handle all of the setup: your account, campaigns, ad messaging and visuals, and so on.
  • We stay on top of Google PPC trends to ensure your campaigns always utilize best practices for paid search.
  • We work directly with and are supported by Google.
  • Because we are a Google partner, we’re given access to beta features—which means you get to try them out before the competition does.

Our knowledge goes beyond just Google AdWords, too. We are also trained and certified in Google Analytics, Google Search Console, YouTube video search, and more.

If you want your business to dominate in search results and you’re tired of feeling like Google AdWords is chewing a hole through your wallet, it’s time to talk to us about becoming your Google Partner Agency.

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