Press Release Writing & Distribution

Press release distribution provides a powerful way to get your message out on the wire.

The press release campaigns we launch make people aware of your company/product/service. The brand awareness campaign will stick your brand name into people’s minds.

Social networks

We use social networks to promote your website and increase awareness; this includes using Twitter, Facebook on a number of accounts as well as Google Business Profile (GBP), and pinging your website.

We then ping your website to make sure that your website is gaining links and making important search engines aware that your site is there.

Press releases

Press releases are used to increase your brand awareness as well as letting people know important news about your business. By using press releases, it will allow people who run blogs or websites in your industry to see the latest stories and then write articles for their websites about your company, this would again increase your brand and it will also increase traffic to your store as well as building long lasting link juice from each time the article has been written about you.

Promoting all the articles and press releases

On the day of the release blast, all the articles and press releases will have had a full day of promotion to encourage people to pick up the releases and articles for their own sites, allowing your brand and website to generate long-lasting, quality links (read: SEO power).

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